The general conference schedule is shown below, and is linked to the detailed schedule in indico.

An image of the broad-brush schedule for the WIN21 conference

Due to the virtual nature of the conference and the need to accommodate timezones around the world, the live sessions will be restricted to half of a normal conference day. Invited plenary talks and other live activities will start in the morning/afternoon/evening in American/European/Asian time. 

To accommodate a greater number of speakers, we will also have asynchronous talks. These are pre-recorded contributed talks that will be uploaded to Indico and available before the conference starts. Participants are encouraged to watch these at their leisure, leading up to live topical panels, where the speakers will be able to answer questions and engage in further discussion. Depending on the number of submitted abstracts, we may not be able to feature all speakers in live panels.

In addition to the live plenary talks and asynchronous talks, we will also have a virtual poster session to be held on a virtual and interactive platform. 

In summary, the conference consists of:

  • Invited plenary talks (live)
  • Asynchronous talks (pre-recorded)
  • Discussion panels (live)
  • Posters (live -- interactive platform)